About Us

La Diano Viaggi is a Tour Operator specialized in Incoming Tourism on the whole Italian territory with a particular attention to Calabria.
We turn to Travel Agencies and Tour Operator as partners with whom to establish relationships of collaboration and trust.

Since 1994 we have been offering our clients, thanks to the professionalism and competence we have acquired, a range of services for groups, from the organization of all-inclusive tours to seaside holidays, from hotel accommodation to excursions and much more.

We plan tourist itineraries that offer travellers the opportunity to know well our land and its people. In addition to discovering the archaeological and artistic riches, the natural beauty, the food and wine, we make our guests the protagonists of unique and unforgettable moments, putting them in contact with an ancient and always surprising culture, with the traditions, colors and smiles of our beautiful country.

We deal with Experiential Incoming with the aim of reaching the heart and enriching the free time of those who choose us with endless emotions.

We put at the centre of each of our tours the relationship with the visitor who finds himself sharing habits and ways of life with the local inhabitants, immersing himself in a fascinating and unknown reality thanks to a warm welcome and constant assistance.

Our programmes, tested and successful, are aimed at pre-established groups of at least 15 people, but also at mini-groups.
Of course, the travel itineraries can be modified and customised according to the needs of the group.